4 Key Reasons You Should Set Up a Facebook Page for Real Estate

Wondering if you should set up a Facebook Page for real estate?

You have a personal profile on Facebook. It’s nicely curated with posts about your newest listings, your clients have friended you, your real estate website is linked from your profile, and you feel like that’s enough. It isn’t. Here are four reasons why you should seriously consider creating a Facebook Page for your real estate business today.

1 – The Call to Action is only available on Pages

In the marketing world, a Call to Action (CTA) is an essential part of any platform you’re driving traffic to. A CTA is a suggestion that prompts the user/reader/follower to do the single thing you most want them to do. Let’s start here with a few examples of widely-recognizable CTAs:




Recognize any of those? In all of these cases, it’s clear exactly what you’re being suggested to do, and it’s incredibly easy for you to do it.

So, what’s your CTA? The beauty of a Facebook Page is that you can decide. And then Facebook puts that CTA front and center.

Some of the many pre-built CTAs that Facebook offers are:

  • Call Now – automatically dials your phone number when clicked
  • Send Email – pre-populates your email address in a new email for the user
  • Learn More – links to your website
  • Watch Video – displays your bio video

The possibilities feel nearly endless. Have you ever seen one of these CTAs on a personal Facebook profile? That’s because they don’t exist. You need a Page in order to display one.

So, you decide what the main purpose of your Page is, select the CTA that most closely aligns with that desired outcome, and then Facebook provides a foolproof way for people to complete that action.

2 – It’s a testing ground for you to optimize your ad spend

If you’re considering spending money on digital ads – maybe Facebook or Instagram ads -do you know what ad image or format will perform the best? If you’re not sure, then test them out first. Use your Facebook Page as a testing ground to see which posts people like the best. Put up a variety of posts – maybe one with an image of a new listing, another with a video of a neighborhood, one with an infographic of your local market conditions, etc. Which one gets the most likes/reactions? Which one gets the most shares? Which one results in someone contacting you? However you decide the winner, that one is where your marketing money is going to be most well-spent. Don’t put your money into advertising dollars before you have an idea of what’s going to perform well. Test your ad concepts first by posting to your Page.

Facebook has made it very easy for you to “boost” any of your posts – essentially taking a post that would display in the timeline of just your Page’s followers, and turning it into a sponsored ad which appears in the timeline of your non-followers. What that means is you can create the post, and once you decide that it’s marketing-money-worthy, within a few clicks, you’ve turned that high performing post into an ad. There no need to recreate a brand new ad or re-upload the images or video again. It’s all there already in the original post and ready to be boosted. If you’re interested in doing this, but don’t have time to create the images or text for the posts themselves, consider trying our newest product for free while it’s in beta – TrueAssist for Facebook.

To make it even easier, Facebook will actually notify you when one of your posts is performing better than others, so you’ll know which ones make the most sense to boost. Or, if you wish, you can proactively check out the results of your most recent posts, and easily compare which one is most boost-worthy.

If you had a $50 budget to spend on a Facebook ad, on which one of the above posts would you most likely spend it to boost? This straightforward comparison reporting is only offered on a Page (read more about this in #4 below!).

3 – Schedule posts during those rare moments of downtime

Use your downtime wisely; as a real estate agent, it’s so limited! When you have some desk time, spend those hours (or minutes!) putting together posts that you know you want to put up on certain day. Fourth of July coming up? When you’re at your desk later this week, tee up that photo you took at last year’s fireworks display from Streeterville and have it scheduled to automatically post on 7/4. Putting a new listing on the market on Monday? Schedule that post Friday afternoon so that you’re not scrambling to put it up on a busy Monday (or better yet, become a part of our TrueAssist beta and have your new listings automatically posted to your  Page when they hit the market). The beauty of a Facebook Page is that you have the ability to schedule posts in a way that cannot be done on your personal profile.

4 – Reporting and metrics that make Microsoft Excel jealous

The reporting and metrics (or as Facebook calls them… insights) available on a Page are far more abundant than those available from your profile. On your personal profile, you can see how many people reacted to, commented on, or shared a post, and you can see the number of friends you have.. but, that’s really it. On a Page, you’ll get a lot more. As you are aware, any level of business growth will rely partially on a firm understanding of your business’ metrics in order to direct your time and resource allocation toward the most productive activities.

Do you know if it’s typically men or women who are engaging with or Liking your Page? Do you know what age group you seem to resonate with? Facebook does!

What time of the day and day of the week are people most likely to be looking at your Page, and therefore, when might be an optimal time to do additional outreach to them? Facebook knows!

There’s so much available in a Page’s reporting that I could dedicate an entire series of blog posts to talking about it. For here, suffice it to say that Facebook’s market segmenting capabilities is really quite amazing, and is one of the reasons it’s become a premier platform for digital advertisers. The catch is simply that in order to be able to dive into the available metrics, you need to start using a Facebook Page (which is free, might I add).

Once you’ve gotten your Page set up (which takes all of 5 minutes), sign up to be a part of our free beta: TrueAssist for Facebook. We’ll automatically generate unique, personalized posts to your Page based on your real estate activities, effectively allowing you to get up and running with a Page in just a handful of minutes.

Or, sign up for our webinar that will walk you through the steps of setting up a Facebook Page here!


Eileen Romito

Eileen is the Director of Agent Operations at Truepad.

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