The One Social Network Agents Should Consider

It goes without saying that if you aren’t on Facebook, get on Facebook. Right now, there are more users on that social network in the world than Catholics and there are a lot of Catholics in the world.

But I am not here to talk about the benefits of being on THE social network. You already know these benefits or at least have heard about them from other agents. (Yes, Facebook is crowded and contains lots of noise but not being on isn’t necessarily beneficial. That’s another post for another day.) The channel I see rarely discussed in the world of real estate is a newer social network. It is a channel “the kids” use and I am here to discuss the actual benefits of using Snapchat as a marketing tool. You read that right.

In case you don’t know what Snapchat is, it is an image sharing channel, in the same vein as Instagram. Yet, what sets this channel apart is that the images only last for 24 hours. You can share images directly one-on-one, on your channel to all your followers or add them to a community channel. So, why could this be so powerful especially in this industry?

Exclusivity While Being Inclusive

Snapchat allows people to follow you, as long as they have your username and the application. Since messages are sent directly in a 1-on-1 way, you could send a video or photo of a home to your clients or potential clients without having to sit down, write an email or send URLs that may not have the most accurate listing information. You can completely be engaging with these too. Send buyers multiple images, videos and even notes on the property. It is simply another communication channel for you to connect with home buyers.

Timing is of the Essence on this Social Network

Snapchat allows messages to live for only 24 hours. Then, the system removes the video or image. This creates a sense of urgency for users receiving the messages. They can respond by chat messages after you send an image. But, once they view that image or video, they will need to reload it (which will notify you that a user has done so, allowing you to notice who is looking at items multiple times.)

The Kids Are Using It…But They Are Growing Up

Millennials continue to rise in prominence is all categories. Now, not all millennials operate on Snapchat. This application will not be your silver bullet to connect with a younger group. This should be part of your fully integrated digital strategy…which you have…right? We’ll get into that another time. However, first-time home buyers in many markets use this and other social channels, all the time. Don’t scoff, ignore or dispute the use of social. Learn it, see if it fits your work flow and personal brand. Add it to your armory of communication channels, but most of all, have fun with it.

One More Thing…

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Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a writer, researcher, editor, and publishing consultant with a decade of learning in the field. For Truepad she covers real estate trends and develops knowledge base articles that help people learn about the process of buying as they’re looking for a home. She went through the process herself two years ago and is a proud homeowner in Logan Square.

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