Featured Mayor: Meet Danielle Dowell

Since 2006, Danielle Dowell of The Dowell Group has provided her clients with firsthand, thorough education of the city and its many neighborhoods. Known for her nonstop work ethic and quick response time, Danielle has expanded her business by developing relationships and involving herself in every step of the process. The ultimate goal is to convey her excitement and create the momentum needed to receive the most desired effect for her clients.


What was the reason you decided to get into real estate? 

“I moved to Chicago and was over the late nights in the hospitality industry that I was previously in. My brother was a lender at the time and my best friends owned an appraisal business in Missouri so they were super supportive. I thought it could be a good transition from where I was coming from and after going out with a couple of agents looking for rentals when I moved here, I thought it would be an exciting career. I appreciated that it could have unlimited opportunities. It seemed to me you had to work hard to do a good job and I may not be the smartest but I definitely can work hard!”

When you’re not busy showing homes and negotiating offers, what extracurricular activity or hobby consumes your time?

“I enjoy working with my trainer and riding my Peleton bike, learning something new (Spanish & cryptocurrency are my current obsessions), listening to murder mystery podcasts amongst others and traveling to places that are outdoors. I love skiing, hiking, fishing and paddle boarding.” 

What Chicago neighborhood or hotspot are you most likely to be spotted in after a long day of work?

“I’m lucky to spend time in and out of all the Chicago neighborhoods and depending on where my last showing was it could be any of them. However, I really love a good steak and solid dive bar. I’m an expert in telling my clients where to eat and drink when we go out looking for homes because I rarely cook.”

What’s the one thing you’re sure to recommend doing/seeing in Chicago when out-of-state friends/family come to visit?

“100% the architectural boat tour.”

Do you specialize in any particular type of real estate or specific type of deal?

“Our team does everything from rentals, resale, buyer representation and new construction. We have sold co-ops and lots of luxury but we like to be able to accommodate any client with the same level of knowledge and professionalism so that’s why we have a team with a wide range of agents.”

How do you leverage technology to help you be one of the best in the industry?

“We are always looking, learning and experimenting with the next best thing. That’s what keeps me excited and the team relevant.”

Tell us the most unique or interesting home you’ve ever shown?

“I love unique places and have seen many so it’s hard to narrow down just one. However I’m of the opinion a house should create a feeling when you walk in. It shouldn’t just be pretty or nice. It should create emotion whether you love or hate it. So unique to me is a fascinating word that emotes a feeling.”

Any “bloopers” during showings that you’re willing to share?

“I fell down an entire flight of stairs trying to hustle to meet potential buyers and literally just laid there. I couldn’t figure out if I was hurt, completely embarrassed or…a combo of both. It was pretty funny but the people coming to see the place where horrified and kept asking if they should call an ambulance. I guess the fall looked pretty bad.”

What is your real estate spirit animal and why? 

“I have no clue…maybe a unicorn. Their performance and evaluations seem to be high plus they are magical, cute and seem like a lot of fun! It was also my recent Halloween costume.”

Mayor badge: The top 3 agents within each neighborhood earn this coveted badge by having the overall highest Truepad scores.

Danielle is a Mayor in:

  • Albany Park
  • Bronzeville
  • Ickes Prairie Homes

Katie Beutler

Katie is the Communications & Operations Associate at Truepad

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