Featured Mayor: Meet Janet Keogh

Janet Keogh of @properties has over a decade of experience in real estate, sales, and marketing. She is detail oriented, results driven, and focused on providing top-notch service and guidance to both buyers and sellers. She thrives on assisting clients in the Chicago real estate market – and providing them with concrete information so they feel confident in their decisions.

What was the reason you decided to get into real estate?

“My first purchase was in 2006 and I ended up with a new construction home that had some major architectural defects – a bad roof, no weep holes in the brick, and unsealed split faced block. I learned a lot through that process and saw an opportunity to provide a higher level of information and education to home buyers. I wanted to get into the business to help other new buyers avoid making the same mistakes I had made.”

When you’re not busy showing homes and negotiating offers, what extracurricular activity or hobby consumes your time?

“Yoga. I teach a few classes a week and strive to practice at least four or five times per week. There are a lot of yoga events these days, and now that it is warm we can take it outside!”

What Chicago neighborhood or hotspot are you most likely to be spotted in after a long day of work?

“Millennium Park for the Music or Movie in the Park nights.”

What’s the one thing you’re sure to recommend doing/seeing in Chicago when out-of-state friends/family come to visit?

“Everyone should go to at least one Cubs game, the architectural boat tours on the Chicago River offer fantastic views and history of the city, and drinks at Cindy’s rooftop – on a night there are fireworks over the water.”

What makes you different from other real estate agents?

“I have a very straightforward approach to real estate. I strive to be as resourceful and detail-oriented as possible to ensure happy clients.”

How do you leverage technology to help you be one of the best in the industry?

“While there are a lot of apps at everyone’s fingertips, at @properties, we have our own cutting-edge technology that allows us to research properties and interact with other agents and our clients in a seamless way. Our internal app enables me to connect with the largest network of agents, buyers, and sellers to view real-time comps from their phone, tablet, or computer.”

Tell us the most unique or interesting home you’ve ever shown. 

“An older home my clients were looking at to rehab. It was like a labyrinth walking through it. Door after door and room after room, each winding throughout three floors. They ended up not purchasing it as they could not envision how to streamline the layout.”

What is your real estate spirit animal and why? 

“Definitely a lioness. I am a strong negotiator and always place my clients’ goals and needs first.”

Mayor badge: The top 3 agents within each neighborhood earn this coveted badge by having the overall highest Truepad scores.

Janet is a Mayor in:

  • Old Irving Park

Katie Beutler

Katie is the Communications & Operations Associate at Truepad

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