Featured Mayor: Meet Jerzy Mastalerczyk

Jerzy Mastalerczyk has spent close to a decade as a high-performer in sales and marketing with a Fortune 50 company (RE/MAX), routinely recognized near the top of his firm’s performance leaderboards in the Greater Chicago region.

What was the reason you decided to get into real estate? 

“Having a family in real estate with a collective 30+ years of experience, I’ve always admired and been attracted to the freedom and success being a hard-working broker can bring. I ended up leaving a full-time job in the corporate world to become a real estate broker with Re/Max Landmark in Chicago and I could not be more happy with my decision! It brings me tremendous pleasure to help families and first-time home buyers find their ideal home, and work side-by-side with them in helping achieve their dreams of home ownership.”

When you’re not busy showing homes and negotiating offers, what extracurricular activity or hobby consumes your time? 

“I really enjoy working on cars with my friends. From quick oil changes and maintenance to taking out motors…grease monkey stuff. But the key to living in Chicago is to take advantage of the summer weather! I love spending time outdoors with friends and family – I would definitely recommend gathering a group of friends for a picnic and live outdoor concert at Ravinia.”

What Chicago neighborhood or hot spot are you likely to be spotted in after a long day of work? 

“Not sure if I’d call it a hot spot, but Starbucks throughout the city keeps me fueled with coffee throughout the day. However, there are two independent coffee shops not too far from my office that I enjoy the most and recommend: Portage Grounds and Perkolator Coffee. But when I need to take the edge off, I tend to visit my friends at Playbook in Niles. Great service and amazing food!”

What’s the one thing you’re sure to recommend doing/seeing in Chicago when out-of-state friends/family come to visit? 

“I’m sure someone will yell at me for this, but Sears Tower is a must! A selfie at the Cloud Gate, Navy Pier, and Chicago Architecture River Tours are a few on my must-see list. There is no shame in acting like a tourist sometimes!”

What makes you different from other real estate agents? 

“I’m comfortable working with buyers, sellers, investors, and renters, and can provide true full service to my clients. I’m available around-the-clock to help my clients, even if it is just consulting and bouncing ideas around.”

Do you specialize in any particular type of real estate or specific type of deal? 

“Not particularly, but with an extensive professional network of extremely talented contractor, attorneys, CPA’s, and trade specialists, I am comfortable and confident in taking on any type of deal my clients may be interested in.”

How do you leverage technology to help you be one of the best in the industry? 

“I am a geek at heart and stay on top of and use all the latest technology when serving my clients. I often preview homes for my clients and video call them so they can see things before we come out. It saves them time and money!”

Tell us the most unique or interesting home you’ve ever shown. 

“The most unique home I’ve shown was 1122 W Wolfram in the Lakeview neighborhood. Developed by MK Construction and Builders, it is just a perfect example of what a modern home in the city can be. From the amazing rooftop deck to the luxurious details and finishes throughout, it was my favorite home!!!”

Any “bloopers” during showings that you’re willing to share? 

“Haha yes!!!! At one of my open house showings a family came in with little kids. The home was a rehab… staged but there was no toilet paper in the bathroom. Let’s just say I was ready for it. I have a roll of TP in the car at all times.”

What is your real estate spirit animal and why? 

“I would have to say a lion. I respect other lions and their territories but always hunt for more!”

Mayor badge: The top 3 agents within each neighborhood earn this coveted badge by having the overall highest Truepad scores.

Jerzy is a Mayor in:

  • Jefferson Park
  • Mayfair



Katie Beutler

Katie is the Communications & Operations Associate at Truepad

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