Featured Mayor: Meet Ledio Samarxhiu

Helping his clients achieve their real estate goals is a huge passion for Ledio Samarxhiu, who has spent his whole life in and around the business. He assists his clients by fully understanding their needs and providing high-level guidance when buying, selling, or investing.

What was the reason you decided to get into real estate?

“I’m very passionate about helping millennials realize the benefits of homeownership and real estate investment. Given my background in finance, becoming a broker was a natural choice for me.”

When you’re not busy showing homes and negotiating offers, what extracurricular activity or hobby consumes your time?

“I enjoy fishing because it gives me a chance to relax and catch up with friends and family out on the lake.”

What Chicago neighborhood or hotspot are you most likely to be spotted in after a long day of work?

 “I spend lots of time in Ravenswood and Lincoln Square. The more quiet and laid back feel of the area along with all the great restaurants nearby is refreshing.”

What’s the one thing you’re sure to recommend doing/seeing in Chicago when out-of-state friends/family come to visit?

“A trip to Chicago isn’t complete without a pit stop at Margie’s Candies in Bucktown. When I grew up in that area, Margie’s used to be my favorite spot for special occasions, and many years later it’s still somewhere I have to take people when they’re in town.”

What makes you different from other real estate agents?

“I am fully focused on the needs of my clients and take the time to truly listen to them. Providing my clients with the highest level of service has always been my main priority in this business.”

Do you specialize in any particular type of real estate or specific type of deal?

“I typically stick with conventional deals as these are what first-time home buyers are most comfortable with. Foreclosures and short sales can be daunting for a first-time buyer, but many of my more experienced investor clients welcome these opportunities.”

How do you leverage technology to help you be one of the best in the industry?

“Technology is critical to every step in the buying or selling process for my clients. I use simple, everyday apps and technology in ways to that ensure my clients are always up to date and aware of the next steps in their transaction.”

Tell us the most unique or interesting home you’ve ever shown?

“I listed a large single family home for rent in Lincoln Square. It was the home of a builder who constructed the property himself decades ago. The property featured beautiful details like a wrap around deck, stain glass windows, and ceilings that were over 15ft tall. The most unique feature was the upstairs master bedroom which had a small indoor balcony overlooking the kitchen downstairs.”

Any “bloopers” during showings that you’re willing to share?

“I once showed a condo in Rogers Park to an out of town client who was in Chicago for the weekend. When we entered the unit the tenant was passed out naked on his couch. Maybe 48 hours notice isn’t always enough.”

What is your real estate spirit animal and why? 

“That’s a tough one. My spirit animal would be a Hawk because I’m always on the lookout for a good deal for my clients and am quick to move on it.”

Mayor badge: The top 3 agents within each neighborhood earn this coveted badge by having the overall highest Truepad scores.

Ledio is a Mayor in:

  • Jefferson Park
  • Rogers Park


Katie Beutler

Katie is the Communications & Operations Associate at Truepad

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