Kitchen Trends in 2018: Top 3 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Over the last 50 years or so, kitchens have undergone a massive trend overhaul. Prior to the 1970’s, kitchens remained hidden from view. When guests dinner parties occurred, the kitchen wasn’t the main entertaining area, where folks congregated to snack and chat. Instead, it was where servants worked and the mess was taken care of. Now, kitchen renovations are creating the focal point of the house, used for get-togethers, homework, and catching up. Alex Burki of Jameson Sotheby’s states, “The heart of the home is in the kitchen and the area where everyone congregates.”

To dive more into what’s hot, we interviewed some top Chicago experts on what they’re seeing. Whether it’s wanting to enjoy your own space or getting the maximum value when updating your home to sell, here are 2018’s top kitchen trends:

Trend Number 1: Bold colors, Metallics, Texture

As 2017 came to an end, it introduced a lot more color into the kitchen. Kitchen trends in 2018 will continue the same way. Burki says, “Although it’s refreshing to see something different every once in a while, white cabinetry is still very popular and appeals to many buyers.” While it seems white kitchens will likely never go out of style, they can be

Blue upper cabinets. Listed by Patrick Ryan of Related Realty.

harder to clean.  This leads the possibility that a soft gray or cream may begin to replace the white as kitchens renovations take place. The neutral colors play wonderfully with the bold colors that are so “in” now, mainly blue and purple. However, be aware that Bob Adolfson of @properties says, “accent walls are SO out.”

If you still prefer to keep things color-neutral,  plenty of details can come into play texturally.

Metallic statement stove. Listed by Nicole Haisma of Dream Town Realty.

Metallics, concrete, and the “industrial” look are all very on trend right now. Adolfson continues, “flat/burnished/matte gold fixtures are very, VERY in.” Olin Eargle of @properties mentions, “What I see more often than not is chalkboard paint, to add in a different texture.” Burki adds, “Builders and designers are being bold with fixtures and hardware.”

Trend Number 2: Large & Multi-Purpose Islands with Quartz Countertops

Islands are extremely popular and have been for a long time. However, they are now growing in size! Adolfson lets us know, “super-sized islands are in,” as well as islands that have double or triple functions – serving as part countertop, part breakfast bar. Similarly,

Dry wine storage, cold wine storage on other end. Listed by Stephanie Cutter of Coldwell Banker Residential.

Eargle says there is a new style of island coming into play, as he’s seeing a lot of “half butcher block, half quartz countertops.” With the large space on the island, wine storage, sinks, and open display for cookbooks or other trinkets have been coming to the forefront for kitchen trends in 2018 as well. Burki proves that large islands are so important in new construction and kitchen renovations that “many people are even opting to do away with a formal dining room in favor of a large island.

When it comes to the top of these islands, granite has reigned supreme for a decade. However, it’s popularity has decreased each year for the past 3 years, with

Island with half butcher block, half quartz. Listed by Emily Sachs Wong of @properties

Eargle confirming, “Oh granite is going out very fast.” Quartz is now the de rigueur countertop, having many benefits over granite, including the fact that quartz is tough, lasts a long time, and requires less upkeep over granite. Eargle reminds us, “You can set hot things on quartz“, and it’s anti-microbial, with Burki continuing, “it’s a workhorse…and beautiful!


Trend Number 3: Clutter-Free Open-Shelving and Reduction of Desks

As the kitchen features as the centerpiece of the house, it needs to be kept organized to shine. The open-shelving for kitchen cabinet styles, which is becoming so much more

Open shelving. Listed by Ryan Preuett of Jameson Sotheby’s.

popular, does require a certain amount of upkeep to still have the Instagram-ready look. Burki says the open-shelving “helps lighten things up and adds an ease to a kitchen.” The clutter-free style plays a part as to why desks are no longer included in kitchens as well – they took up space that you can’t really cook or eat at, and just lent themselves to being covered in paperwork and mail. Adolfson validates this by saying, “Built-in desk spaces in kitchens are super out.” Eargle continues the point, saying that “more people are using the space for an extra stove or wine cooler.”

Integrated fridge. Listed by Milena Birov of @properties.

Another kitchen trend in 2018 that is beginning to pick up popularity that works with the clutter-free theme is the integrated appliances, where the appliances blend into the cabinets, with Adolfson explaining, “stainless isn’t ‘the’ thing as much as cabinet facades for appliances like fridges.”



There you have the top 3 kitchen trends of 2018. Hopefully, these can help you with your kitchen renovation. If you want an agent to help you find your perfect home with a trendy kitchen, use our Find My Agent tool!

Katie Beutler

Katie is the Communications & Operations Associate at Truepad

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