Team launches new startup

Scott Hammack, Paul Lazarre, and Gregory Hila, have built and sold
startups in healthcare technology and information security for a combined
total of more than $850 million and are now officially launching Truepad, their
next Chicago based venture focusing on residential real estate.

Truepad is a “next generation” search engine for real estate, featuring in-depth,
unbiased home reviews by top agents. Truepad uses crowd-sourced wisdom
of agents to identify the highest rated homes in each neighborhood while also
giving consumers insights into how agents view homes, highlighting all aspects
of a home, good or bad.

“Many of today’s IPO’s get billed as overnight success stories, but the truth is
they probably have been at it for more than a decade. Usually it takes many
years of hard won and sometimes painful experiences to learn about a market,
develop relationships, and ultimately build a team that can win,” said Lazarre.
“At Truepad, we have that hard won experience and we’ve assembled an
incredible team.”

“After doing this four times, it gets easier assembling a team, identifying an
addressable market, and then creating great products to service that market,”
said Hammack.

Agents on Truepad earn points based on frequency of publishing home
reviews, identifying homes that will sell fast and estimating accurate home
sale prices. Agents with the highest point totals are presented prominently
throughout the site, along with their home reviews, gaining valuable exposure
to consumers.

“We started the company with 6 people in a rented 2,500 square-foot South
Florida house. Once we had assembled the basic building blocks, we relocated
the company to Chicago to take advantage of all the resources a big city
provides” Hila said. “With 15 full-time employees, we now have the experience
and skill sets needed to succeed.”

Truepad has already reached out and embraced local resources. The company
is a member at Chicago’s 1871, one of the best environments for technology
startups in the United States. Truepad also has received a substantial grant
from Microsoft, specifically targeted for fast growing startups.

Truepad’s leadership team reaches back to Masterchart in 1994. A healthcare
information technology company that was sold to Allscripts in 2000. Following
successes include Cyberguard which was sold to Secure Computing in 2005,
eDMZ which was sold to Quest Software in 2011, and Prolexic which was sold
to Akamai in 2014.

Truepad is officially launching its website,, and its Truepad Agent
iOS application to coincide with the Chicago spring buying season. Their launch
party will be held from 5-8 p.m., Thursday, March 31, at the Emil Bach House, a
historic home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is located at 7415 N. Sheridan
Road on Chicago’s north side. The media and public are invited to attend.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a writer, researcher, editor, and publishing consultant with a decade of learning in the field. For Truepad she covers real estate trends and develops knowledge base articles that help people learn about the process of buying as they’re looking for a home. She went through the process herself two years ago and is a proud homeowner in Logan Square.

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